Tasman Chemicals  

  Bulk Milk Vat Detergents

DUSK LIQUID: Dusk Liquid is a low foaming alkali detergent that effectively removes fat and protein deposits off vat surfaces. It is equally effective in soft or hard water. SDS    PIS

TANKAID PLUS: Tankaid Plus is a low foaming acid detergent which contains a built in sanitiser. It is effective in removing milkstone and scale on all vat surfaces and can be used with hard or soft water. SDS    PIS

THERMOFLUSH MULTI:  An all purpose acid based detergent sanitiser for milkstone removal and the control of thermoduric bacteria, formulated for use at a variety of temperatures. SDS    PIS

PROTOSOLV:  Low foaming heavy duty chlorinated alkaline diary detergent, for the removal of fat and protein deposits in the plant to produce low total plate counts. Use in conjunction with Thermoflush. SDS    PIS