Tasman Chemicals  

Maintenance Products

LIFT OFF: A combination of safe liquid acid and detergent used to remove grout, cement smears and stains from unsealed slate, terracotta and sandstone surfaces. SDS    PIS

MULTI STRIP: A ready-to-use product that contains a power packed blend of solvents and emulsifiers for the removal of all sealers from hard floor surfaces. Can also be used to strip paint. SDS    PIS

SLATE SEAL SOLVENT: Penetrated the primary sealer and makes it is easy to remove. It is also perfect to clean up brushes that have been used to apply Slate Seal on Concrete Seal. SDS    PIS

TILE KLEEN: A heavy duty cleaner that has been formulated for everyday use as a floor detergent. Tile Kleen will not harm Tasman sealers or finishes when it is used as recommended. SDS    PIS