Tasman Chemicals  

Food Processing


ACIDET: Is formulated to remove rust and scale from meat hooks, slides and gambrels in abattoirs and related food processing plants. SDS    PIS

ALKA 90: Heavy duty caustic powder for smokehouse cleaning and and CIP duties. Recommended for cookers and burnt on soils. SDS    PIS

FOME CHLOR: Heavy duty chlorinated foaming cleaner and sanitiser formulated for use in food processing plants. SDS    PIS

FREEDOM: A complex blend of quaternary ammonium compounds. Its superior germicide activity when compared to conventional quat based sanitisers combined with its "no rinse" properties provides the complete sanitising program. SDS    PIS

FREEDOM RTU: Final Rinse Sanitiser SDS    PIS

GOLD RUSH: A neutral odourless concentrated detergent for all manual cleaning duties.SDS    PIS

GREASOL: Concentrated alkaline detergent formulated to effectively and rapidly degrease and clean areas. SDS    PIS

MULTI SAN: A highly active sanitiser, deodourant and fungicide based on quaternary ammonium compounds and is designed for use in areas of food preparation SDS    PIS

PROXITANE: PROXITANE is a mixture of peracetic acid, water, acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide which can be used as a sanitiser in food applications at ambient temperatures. SDS    PIS

QUASAR: A high foaming acid detergent sanitiser pacified to be safe on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised surfaces when used as directed. SDS    PIS

SANI FOME: A 'one shot' high foaming detergent blend with corrosion inhibitors, foam stabilisers and anti-redeposition agents. Assists in the control of the bacteria. SDS    PIS

SELFOAM P: A high foaming detergent and chlorine disinfectant, designed for use in the food industry as a one shot cleaner and sanitiser. SDS    PIS

SURE SHOT: A clear blue liquid combining a heavy duty detergent system with a powerful disinfectant. SURE SHOT cleans and sanitisers all surfaces and is safe on all metals including aluminium. SDS    PIS

SUPER CHLOR: A chlorinated foaming detergent with high levels of alkali where large soil loading or high fat residues are encountered. SDS    PIS