Tasman Chemicals  


4% BLEACH: A commercial strength Sodium Hypochlorite solution formulated for the rapid bleaching of a wide range of materials. SDS    PIS

BOWLINE: A toilet bowl and urinal cleanser formulated thick and with a Hospital Grade Disinfectant, which effectively sanitises and deodorises toilet areas. SDS    PIS

CHERRY BLOSSOM: It is a dual action cleaner. It is a neutral detergent containing specially formulated perfume oils with a high residual nature which masks obnoxious odours. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces and it is compatible with Tasman's floor finishes. SDS    PIS

ELIMIN 8: Aerosol space disinfectant, which destroys odors and harmful bacteria. This large 400g can is designed for use in hospitals, motels, schools etc to reduce the hazard of cross-infection by bacteria. SDS    PIS

ENVIROCLEAN: Heavy duty general purpose detergent containing natural citrus solvents and sanitisers. SDS    PIS

EXECUTE: A knockdown and residual combination insecticide.Great for flying or crawling insects. SDS    PIS

HIGENE: A powerful liquid sanitiser which performs as a germicide, disinfectant, sanitiser and deodoriser, while it cleans. Contains an insect repellent. SDS    PIS

LEMON DISINFECTANT: Commercial grade disinfectant with a pleasant lemon fragrance based upon quaternary ammonium compounds. SDS    PIS

MISTY: For washing down floors, bathrooms, toilets or wherever clean and deodorised surfaces are desired. Contains a powerful germicide to rapidly kill bacteria and specially selected perfumes to leave all surfaces smelling fresh. SDS    PIS

ORCHID: A dual action cleanser and deodoriser. A neutral detergent with specially formulated  perfume oils, with a high residual nature, which masks obnoxious odors. SDS    PIS


REDIKLEEN: A multi-purpose hard surface "safety solvent" cleanser. Suitable for use as a wipe on / wipe off or immersion process cleaner and as a hard floors surface cleaner. SDS    PIS

TASGENE: A hospital grade disinfectant cleaner that kills all gram positive and gram negative bacteria by the agency of QAC bactericides. Reodorises  disinfected surfaces with its unique fragrance. SDS    PIS