Tasman Chemicals  


4% BLEACH: A chlorine activated bleach and sanitiser. SDS     PIS   

ACTIV: is a pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending agents, corrosion inhibitors, anti scaling components and a stabilised chlorine destaining agent SDS    PIS

AQUADET: A clear green liquid detergent designed for hand dishwashing. Contains a fresh citrus fragrance and is a blend of mild biodegradable detergents. SDS    PIS

BRILLIANT:A pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending agents, anti-scaling components and a stabilised chlorine de-staining agent. SDS    PIS

CLARITY: A mild antibacterial liquid cleaner with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Ensures maximum cleaning performance with a streak free finish for all spray and wipe applications and excellent glass cleaning. SDS    PIS

DISHBRITE: High power machine dishwashing powder for unsurpassed grease removal, crystal clear glasses and squeaky clean dishes. SDS    PIS


EXELDET: Budget priced liquid dishwashing detergent. SDS (Apple)     PIS (Apple)      SDS (Lemon)    PIS (Lemon)

FREEDOM: No rinse odourless hard surface sanitiser.SDS    PIS

FREEDOM RTU: Final Rinse Sanitiser SDS    PIS

GOLD RUSH: Concentrated neautral odourless general purpose detergent for all manual cleaning. SDS    PIS

GREASOL: Concentrated alkaline detergent formulated to rapidly degrease and clean. SDS    PIS

GRILL CLEAN: A heavy duty alkaline detergent used for cleaning surfaces where heavy grease, fats, oil and grime are prevalent. Suitable for use on ovens, hot plates, etc. SDS    PIS

KRYSTAL KLEER: A concentrated liquid with water softeners and scaler inhibitors  for use in commercial glasswashers.  Brewery approved.  SDS    PIS 

LIQUID AMBER: Two pack liquid beer line cleaner. Simple to use but extremely effective. Brewery approved. SDS (Part A)    SDS (Part B)    PIS

OZO: Oxygenated powder soaker for crockery and cutlery. Designed especially for tannin removal from cups. SDS    PIS

SPOT FREE: A drying agent which when added to the final rinse water of glass or dish washing machines, by means of a specially designed feeder, dramatically reduces drying time of washed articles. SPOT FREE also markedly improves the finished appearance of crockery, glassware and cutlery by eliminating water spotting.SDS    PIS

SUPER RED: A heavy duty industrial foaming detergent formulated for the removal of fat, grease, soil dirt, animal oils, vegetable oils, carbon and most industrial soils. SDS    PIS

SUPRA RINSE: Specialised drying agent for use in glass and dishwashing machines, which is formulated to reduce drying time and prevent water spots on crockery, glassware and cutlery. SDS    PIS

ULTIMATE: Auto feed detergent suitable for use in commercial glass wash and dish wash machines. It is recommended where the use of a non-chlorinated detergent is preferred. SDS    PIS

ULTIMATE CL: Auto feed, chlorinated, heavy duty, low foaming dishwashing machine liquid. SDS    PIS

WHISK: A free rinsing cream cleanser for all cleaning jobs. SDS    PIS