Tasman Chemicals  


ALKALI STRIP: A non flammable, heavy duty gel type paint stripper formulated to rapidly most organic coatings from all hard surfaces. SDS    PIS

FLEET: Has been formulated for the removal of a wide variety of soils from trucks, buses, cars and also building exteriors. It is safe on all metals and painted surfaces and is extremely free rinsing and streak free, even if allowed to dry on the surface. It is a highly concentrated blue liquid detergent based on a blend of mild surfactants, soil suspending agents and corrosion inhibitors. SDS    PIS

GR 2: A clear amber liquid blend of solvents and emulsifiers developed specifically for graffiti removal.  It contains a unique catalyst which dramatically decreases the removal time for the stripping process.  SDS    PIS

Goodbye Graffiti: A liquid blend of low toxicity solvents with a catalyst to accelerate graffiti removal from all surfaces including brickwork (painted and unpainted), concrete, various types of metals as well as timber.    SDS    PIS    

Graffiti Wipes: Goodbye Graffiti Multi Purpose Wipes are designed for internal and external applications. They have a mild citrus fragrance, low toxicity solvents, which combined with a unique activating agent, effectively removes graffiti quickly with a minimum of risk to the operator.     MSDS    PIS    

Graffiti Off: A clear liquid with a mild citrus odour. It is based on a blend of low odour solvents, which effectively removes graffiti quickly with a minimum of risk to the operator.     SDS    PIS  

ORANGE CRUSH: A water rinsable detergent which is effective in removing everything from heavy greases and oils from metal surfaces, waxes from cars, cleaning grease from concrete surfaces, and grease and grime from engine parts. It is based on natural d-limonene blended with organic solvents and surfactants. SDS    PIS