Tasman Chemicals  

  Mastitis Control

EMOLAN: An emollient additive for adding to teat dip and spray solutions to promote soft supple teats. Contains ethoxylated lanolin. SDS    PIS

GLYCERENE: Effective in teat spray solutions as an emollient to promote soft supple skin. Assists in healing cuts and abrasions. SDS    PIS

UDDER MATE: A chlorhexidine based teat sanitiser with active ingredient 60g/L chlorhexidine gluconate to kill mastitis causing bacteria on cow teats. It is suitable as a teat dip or spray. SDS    PIS


UDDER MATE EXTRA: This is a similar product to UDDERMATE, however UDDERMATE EXTRA contains extra emollient. This is to add further protection in assisting the control of teat cracking and chapping. SDS    PIS

UDDERSAN: Uddersan is an iodine based teat disinfectant that contains added emollient for the prevention of teat cracking and chapping. It also contains polidone which gives 18% more protection against mastitis re-infection. It is suited to dip or spray applications. SDS    PIS

UDDERSAN RTU: A pre-diluted Ready-To-Use Uddersan solution with Polidone and Ethoxylated Lanolin.  Prepared with filtered bacteria free water, you are assured a consistent iodine level at all times  SDS    PIS

UDDERWISE: A new generation teat sanitiser based on hydrolised linolenic acids. It is used widely as a post milking teat spray pre and post milking with great results and no tainting of milk. SDS    PIS 

VITALAN: Antiseptic cattle ointment containing vitamin A & E, that aids healing of cuts, cracks and sores. SDS    PIS

* It is recommended that cooled dairy heater water be used to make up all teat spray solutions.