Tasman Chemicals  

   Other Dairy Related Products

EXECUTE: Execute is a long lasting residual insecticide specifically formulated to control house flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects in both domestic and industrial applications. Execute also comes in a handy aerosol knockdown pack and is AQIS approved. SDS    PIS     

HEAT CYCLING DETECTION: Formulated specifically to identify cycling cows, Tasman tail paint will last for at least 3 weeks. It is available in red, blue, green and yellow 1L cans. We also distribute MAC 1lt WIPE ON applicator paint and MAC 500 ml aerosol paints. Both packs are available in a variety of colours. 

HOUSEHOLD CLEANING: Nature's Mate range provides premium products to solve all your cleaning problems. Whether it's in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, Tasman have a product to provide the solution. 

LUBE GEL: A highly viscous clear gel for use as a lubricating gel when pregnancy testing, calving and performing other manipulations. SDS    PIS

VACUMAX: This oil is specially formulated for Tasman Chemicals and is suited to low, and high speed vacuum pumps in the dairy shed. MSDS    PIS

Tasman also supply dosage dispensers, drum pumps and mastitis detectors.