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Why Seal Your Floor?
The purpose of a sealer is to protect the surface against dirt, staining and wear, at the same time as keeping the surface looking like new and maintaining the value of your home. The sealer does this by forming a protective film that enhances the floor's appearance, brings out the colours of the flooring material and protects the surface against damage and abrasion.

Surface Preparation
On a new floor, before applying the sealer, the tiles and mortar bed should be allowed to dry completely. This takes about 4 weeks if the tiles have been set in a sand and cement mix and 7 to 12 days if they were fixed with adhesive. The surface must be clean, firm, free from grease, oil, paint, acid, efflorescence and all loose or separating materials. To remove grout, cement or salting smears from the tiles, LIFT OFF is recommended. General cleaning of the surface should be done with TILE KLEEN. Careful cleaning of the surface is essential to ensure an excellent result.

Choice of Sealer
The selection of the correct sealer is of paramount importance. Always consult your supplier about the type of appearance you want on your floor. If you are still not sure, test the sealer on a small area of the floor first. Use the product reference charts to help you select the sealer you want.

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Floor Sealant Disclaimer:

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