Tasman Chemicals  

Vehicle Maintenance

BRITE WHEELS: is a concentrated blend of oxalic acid and degreasing agents combined with a pleasant citrus fragrance to effectively remove brake dust as well as grease and oil in one simple operation. SDS    PIS

GLOW: is designed for use as a polish and conditioner for timber, plastic laminated surfaces, glass, vinyl, leather, rubber and enamel painted areas. It is suitable for dashboards, trims, tyres etc. GLOW contains a synergistic blend of silicones and natural waxes to impart a strong shine and conditioning effect on all surfaces. Waxes and protects surfaces from food and drink spillage. SDS    PIS

Heavy Duty Degreaser: is an orange/pink heavy duty water based degreaser based on a blend of detergents, speciality solvents and corrosion inhibitors.   SDS    PIS

Tybump: is a blend of silicones and solvents formulated to enhance and protect automotive trim, including plastics, vinyl and rubber.    SDS    PIS    

Vehicle & Equipment Wash: is a highly concentrated opaque green liquid detergent based on a blend of mild surfactants, soil suspending agents and corrosion inhibitors. It is safe on all metals and painted surfaces and is extremely free rinsing and streak free even if allowed to dry on the surface.     SDS    PIS